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You Scored as Exciting

You are exciting, people want to fuck your brains out and you know it. Whether it's in an airplane or on the back of the bus, sex with you is always exciting.



Moving AGAIN!

For the last 3 years around this time I have been moving somewhere, and apparently my favorite time to pack up & go is Labor Day weekend. I'm doing it again! This time its not quite as far away, but still far enough! I'm going to have a whole new city to get lost in. It's pretty exciting.

We got a gorgeous house, with a giant (equally gorgeous) backyard and a huge deck and tons and tons and tons of PRIVACY, 2 car garage, and my favorite thing!!!! TREES. Lots of trees to hang things from and chill under. Maybe I will build a fort, ala Aurora! We actually live right next to a nature preserve too, so there's hiking-- RIGHT. NEXT. DOOR!! Its my wet hippie dream come true!

We're going to have a small housewarming party once we're all set up. Check my f/o journal for details on location. =)

I don't know, I like not being quite so inert. In fact if you know me, you know that inertia is a big fear of mine. So. . .yeah. But actually we're going to be staying for a while this time, because the opportunities are so. . .vast.

I promise to post pictures/videos when we're settled in!


This is the kind of thing I find funny:

My friend Logan (I almost typed LoGAY, which would almost suit him, were he actually gay.  . .though sometimes I wonder; what with his Kelly Clarkson obsession and all. . .) just posted this entry, and I'm relatively certain that I pooped my pants too; while laughing. my. ass. off.

I just couldn't help it
Current mood: chipper


Yesterday I shit my pants.  I drank 2 cups of coffee.  I had to go poop really bad.  It seemed like a doozy of a poop so I went into my room to get a book to read and when I bent down, poop in the pants!  Amazingly, it didn't get on my underwear at all.  It just stayed in the butt cheeks.  It has been a long time since I pooped my pants and it was a streak that I was hoping to keep going.  Oh well.  It's okay for a 27 year old man to poop his pants every once in a while.

For some reason, this post makes me think of Jeremy.  Where has

terminal_echoes gone?

In other news.  Check my myspace for the newest addition to the anifam!  He's adorable.  I'll make a post just about him later!  ♥ ♥ ♥



Dirty Knife

So suddenly the madness came
With its whiskered, wolven, ether pangs
He locked the door
And shut the blinds
He laid down on the floor and he slept like iron
While the dirty knife worked deep
Into his spine
The blood runs crazy
The blood runs crazy

Cascading letters pool on the stairs
The grass is high, the cats are wild
You can't even touch the tip of their tails
And the blood runs crazy with giant strides

He sang nursery rhymes to paralyze
The wolves that eddy out the corner of his eyes
But they squared him frozen where he stood
In the glow of the furniture piled high for firewood

And the blood runs crazy with giant strides
And the woodsmen failed to breech those fangs in time
So they dragged him through the underbrush
Wearing three winter coats and a dirty knife



You can't pick your family. . .

It's a pretty famous quote, no?

All my life I've known this wasn't true. When I was 2 weeks old, I was
chosen by people who weren't my parents. They made the decision to
adopt and love and care for me as their own; and never treated me any
differently than my sister, who was their biological child. I guess
it's for this reason that I regard family as something you *can* choose,
because I've been picking and choosing who belongs in my life for as
long as I can remember.

A lot of my parents' friends are people that I would consider extended
Aunts and Uncles. I work with this sweet older woman that has adopted
me as her grandchild. I don't like or speak to 75% of my sisters, so
I've adopted some of my closest girlfriends to take their places. I
don't have a brother, so my friend Alex and my dad's friend Ron take on
those roles in my life. I have a lot of "real" family too, but so many
of them are so distant and unfamiliar to me. The family I've created
for myself is my safety net. These are people I know I can depend on
and can depend on me for anything.

What about my biological family? I've met them, and some of them are
actually alright people. But they don't feel like home to me, we've got
nothing in common, and I don't feel obligated to stay involved with
them, and I think that feeling is mutual.

I feel very fortunate that I have so many awesome people behind me, and
very grateful when I have an opportunity to do something nice for them.
My life is always full of love and laughter, and there's never, ever a
dull moment.

This whole blog may seem self-indulgent or conceited, but this is how I
believe the world should be.